A career in the U.S. Army is not only an attractive option for its intangible benefits – leadership skills, strength and a chance to serve one’s country – but also its monetary benefits.

Leaders in the armed forces have long recognized the benefits of a well-paid military. In fact, congressional efforts in the past 20 years have greatly increased the average pay of service men and women.

"Compensation plays an important role in recruiting, retaining and motivating the men and women in uniform who serve this nation. Without adequate compensation, the nation would be unable to sustain the all-volunteer force, in the size and with the skill sets needed to support the missions called for in the national security strategy."

                                -- Department of Defense 11th Quadrennial Review on Military Compensation


A Soldier’s base salary is generally determined by his or her rank and years of service. In addition to Basic Pay, Soldiers may also earn additional pay for performing special tasks, or for working certain jobs.

Most active duty officers and enlisted Soldiers are eligible for living allowances designed to offset the costs food, clothing, or off-base housing among a long list of others. 


“The Army provides stability, economic security, educational opportunity and a real chance that you might not have in a lot of other careers to see a lot of different things and be exposed to a lot of different ways of thinking and different cultures.”

                                --Cathy, mother of Staff Sergeant John Martin

Health Insurance and Other Benefits

In addition to competitive pay, the Army also offers an exceptional health insurance and fringe benefits package. Soldiers receive full health, dental, and vision coverage as well as life insurance, and a 401k.

Soldiers also receive generous time-off, which includes 30 vacation days a year, free weekends, national holidays and sick days. Learn more about Army Benefits.


“The Army provides medical, dental, eye care and her paycheck. Those would be the benefits that I would know about other than the benefits that Jodie reaps from being a part of the Army and staying physically fit and learning an additional job.”

                                -- Deb, mother of Specialist Jodie Wood



Soldier Pay and Other Benefits