For Parents

Lisa: One of the special aspects that the Army Reserve has to offer Scott is the duality of being an Army Reserve Soldier as well as a student.

Scott: For part of the month, I'm civilian; most of the month, I'm civilian; and most of the year, I'm civilian. And then I put on my uniform and am a Soldier, and take on all the duty and responsibility that that entails. Instructing other Soldiers and then going home and going to school, and being instructed, it's really exciting, you know, you can apply things you learned in school, and you can test them out here. It's a great opportunity to kinda test your leadership abilities and skills. My military occupational specialty, my MOS, is 21 Echo, which is a heavy construction equipment operator. What we do is we build roads, and that's very important to the Army's mission. We really need clear lanes of movement.

Lisa: I think as a Soldier he just stands out above the rest. He can walk on campus as a Soldier and hold his head high. With the Army Reserve, he has made friends, and they do things socially as well as at work, and then at school he has met friends.

Scott: Most of the people I have class with, most of the people I run into at school or anywhere else, are really supportive. You know, I've found out now that there is definitely a balance between the two.

Lisa: The strength that I observe in him, it's very different. It's a leadership quality. You know, the sky's the limit with him in the Army. He likes to make an impact.