“Mischievous.” This is how Tanya Forbes formerly described her son Jonathan. Tanya knew her son had the tools to be successful but realized he didn’t always apply himself. Much to her surprise, Jonathan decided to talk to an Army Recruiter, which led to his enlisting in the Army.

She knew then he was serious about focusing on his personal growth and building a stronger future. Tanya admits she was worried about Jonathan going to BCT and AIT but knew it was for the best.


“Since he’s been in the Army, he’s matured quite a bit. It’s teaching him that he needs to move forward in his life.”

— Tanya Forbes

Throughout the next year, Tanya observed her son become a strong Soldier and mature into a “wonderful man.” She recalls how handsome Jonathan was in his uniform when he graduated from basic training and how he even looked taller standing at attention.

Tanya was amazed at how the Army had helped transform Jonathan mentally and physically into a more responsible individual.


“I think my son has changed so much for the better since he’s been in the Army.”

— Tanya Forbes

Jonathan has also demonstrated great maturity in his personal life as a husband and proud father of a baby girl. “He’s really starting to understand what being a parent means,” states Tanya.

It’s a dream she always had for her son. Jonathan is stationed at Fort Riley, KS, and works as a Fire Support Specialist. This job specialty requires Jonathan to work as a member of an artillery team used to support infantry and tanks.

He is also responsible for leading, supervising or serving in intelligence activities. The experience Jonathan has gained and skills he has learned can help him pursue a career in the civilian world in computer consulting, information technology support or data processing.


“I’m very happy with what the Army has taught Jon and is allowing him to become.”

— Tanya Forbes

Tanya had no idea that Army training could benefit her son in so many ways. She now feels differently about the Army because of the opportunities, education and potential for self-development it provides. Tanya openly admits that Jonathan is now a man…with a very bright future ahead of him.“To be the mother of a son serving our country makes me very proud,” says Tanya.


Private Jonathan Hughes