army linguistics jobs take soldiers to the corners of the globe

Skilled Linguist Program

Skilled linguists are Soldiers who are already proficient in a foreign language and enlist for military intelligence Military Occupational Specialty 35P. Since they do not require language training at DLI, they enlist at the rank of specialist and receive an additional enlistment bonus. In addition to the basic qualification of a 2/2 or better on the Defense Language Proficiency Test, other qualifications include U.S. citizenship (non-wavierable), a passing score on the physical and entrance exams, and eligibility for a security clearance.

Interpreter/Translator (09L)

The nation's defense depends on information from foreign language newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts and other sources. Therefore, it's very important that some members of the Army be able to read and understand the many languages of the world. Nowhere is this more important than in the Middle Eastern countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently the Army offers this option to selected Middle-Eastern language speaking individuals to serve on both active and Reserve duty.

Defense Language Institute (select MOS')

Don't know a foreign language but want to learn one? The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center teaches a wide range of languages to meet the nation's needs. In addition to the basic enlistment standards, all you need to do to qualify is meet the minimum standards of the Defense Language Aptitude Battery.

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English as a Second Language Training

This training is for qualified applicants who require some improvement in English proficiency. They attend this training before they go to basic training.

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