Ten80 Education is comprised of engineers, scientists, educators, and marketing professionals who have developed a unique and innovative STEM Program curriculum utilizing the racing platform to illustrate various STEM principles. For one fast-paced day, students and educators engage in the enterprise and engineering processes that are often at the core of STEM innovation.

Approximately 400 - 500 students will attend each event from 10 – 12 local high schools.

The program begins with students breaking into brainstorming teams of four for an introduction to the Innovators-in-Training Challenge. Each student will pick which of the 4 workshops they plan to attend for the first rotation.

Once they pick their workshop the students will attend the formal assembly. This will begin with trivia to kick off the 1-day National STEM League Challenge and then open up into a lively conversation with a panel of STEM mentors and professionals that address the students and educators about the importance of STEM and leadership in their respective careers. 


  • Terri Stripling, President/Founder of Ten80 Education
  • U.S. Army Representative
  • Don Schumacher Racing Representative

Upon the completion of the panel discussion, Ten80 will conduct a brief introduction to each of the engineering and enterprise workshops. Students will then rotate into the workshop they chose in their lanyard.

ENTERPRISE: Students learn how to deliver a successful pitch to sell an idea, product or process.

ENGINEERING: Students get to know the technology and engineering principles behind each concept.

Once the first rotation is complete, the students will rotate once more and come back together with their initial team of four for the innovation workshop. Each team will develop a quick 30-second pitch for a new product, process or service as it relates to their team’s innovative idea. The winning pitch from the entire year will win a $500 scholarship per team member for college.

At the conclusion of the second workshop rotation, students will gather back together in the general assembly. The program will conclude with an assembly wrap up announcing the winning school team.  


Ten80 Program