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Caffeine Supplement Chewing Gum

Decreases accidents, increases performance and saves lives.

Caffeine Supplement Chewing Gum has been proven an effective and efficient tool for addressing fatigue and sleep deprivation problems among our troops and medical department.

This cinnamon-flavored gum provides a rapid absorption of caffeine through the oral membrane in the mouth, while also being a lightweight, compact, and convenient delivery vehicle.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Caffeine Supplement Chewing Gum increases physical and cognitive performance—while reducing the physical and mental fatigue that can cause accidents, injury or even death.

  • Caffeine is an effective strategy to sustain vigilance and alertness during military operations involving sleep deprivation.
  • Two pieces of Caffeine Supplement Chewing Gum deliver a 200 milligram dose of caffeine, similar to 6 ounces of brewed coffee .
  • The stimulant is absorbed directly through the tissues of the mouth.
  • In five minutes of chewing, 85% of the caffeine is already delivering benefits.


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Caffeine supplement chewing gum