Army Events

The Go Army Experience Includes:

STRATEGY TOWER: By only moving one piece at a time, and never having a larger piece on top of a smaller piece, the team needs to mimic the original stack on the opposite end rod.

STRONG STAGE: Test your skills on the Army’s Strong Stage. This large stage features a series of challenges including the TRX machine, Vision Coach, and push-up/sit-up mat. Your mission is to complete the entire circuit of challenges in the fastest time possible.

AIR LIFT: While standing in a circle, members of each team hold different ends of stings with a ball centered at the intersection. They are challenged to move the ball a predetermined distance onto a target and bring it to rest without falling off the tray.

FITNESS CHALLENGES: Various physical competitions (push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, planks, etc.) are conducted by the emcee or local recruiters to challenge students to prove their strength.

• AVIATION SIMULATOR: For anyone wondering what it’s like to fly an Army helicopter or other aircraft, the Army’s aviation simulator offers life-like flight experiences without ever leaving the Go Army Experience interactive area. Participants experience an Apache helicopter flight simulation, perform speed and direction changes, and other operational maneuvers, as they explore the advanced technology and available career opportunities in U.S. Army aviation.