Army Events
USAMU Action Shooting
USAMU International Rifle Team

International Rifle

The International Rifle Team male shooters compete in air rifle (.177-caliber), three-position (prone, standing and kneeling) at 50 meters; small-bore rifle (.22-caliber) prone; 300-meter (.308-, .223- or .243-caliber) prone and 300-meter three-position free and standard rifle (.308-, .223- and .243-caliber) events. Female shooters compete in air rifle, standard rifle three-position and prone events.

USAMU International Pistol Team

International Pistol

The International Pistol Team male shooters compete in: 50-meter free pistol matches firing .22-caliber pistols; standard pistol machines; shooting slow-, timed- and rapid-fire with time limits; 25-meter rapid-fire pistol matches using .22-caliber and 10-meter air pistol matches firing .177-caliber. Female shooters compete in air and sport pistol events, shooting rapid-fire and precision using .22-caliber pistols at 25 meters.

USAMU Action Shooting

Action Shooting

Action shooters use stock or production pistols and custom made and modified unlimited or open pistols. Any given competition consists of eight to 30 stages; each stage varying in course design. The competitors are required to negotiate each stage as quickly and accurately as possible.

UASMU Shotgun Team


The world's top skeet and trap shooters make up the USAMU Shotgun Team. Shooters track, aim and shoot at 5-inch clay targets up to 70 mph using 12-gauge shotguns.

USAMU Service Pistol Team

Service Pistol

The Service Pistol Team shooters compete with .22-caliber rimfire, 9mm and .45-caliber center fire pistols in slow-, timed- and rapid-fire matches.

USAMU Service Rifle Team

Service Rifle

The Service Rifle Team shooters compete with the modified M-16A2 rifles, plus bolt action rifles with various sighting equipment. Competitors shoot at targets up to 1,000 yards away.