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October 27, 2016

Dear Army Advocate,

As the national security and recruiting environments continue to be defined by increasingly complex challenges, now more than ever, the U.S. Army needs the American people to understand and value their Army and Army service.

We need your help in closing the knowledge gap that often exists between the American public and their Army, allowing inaccurate misperceptions to shape their opinion of Army service and their willingness to support, recommend or consider joining. In order to do that, we need to ensure that you are up to date on our latest efforts to tell the Army story on the national level.

This week we launched two new commercials in a series of four on national television -- "Cyber Warrior - Faceless" and "Tunnel: Amphibious Assault".

It is critical to the preservation of the all-volunteer Army that we recruit high-quality individuals with the skillsets and aptitudes necessary to accomplish our varied, high tech and complex missions on behalf of America. Therefore, in this series, we showcase the breadth and depth of our capabilities across land, water, and cyberspace:

Cyber Warrior
"Cyber Warrior - Faceless" can be found here: and showcases Army technology and behind the scenes Civilian and Soldier Cyber Warriors that work day and night to ensure our information security.

Amphibious Assault
"Tunnel: Amphibious Assault" can be found here: and displays our Army Special Operations Soldiers conducting an amphibious assault. This television spot highlights the "elite warriors" within our Army team.

"Tunnel: Microdrones" the third spot slated for release November 21, 2016 showcases Army innovation through technology not many have seen -- the Army's currently fielded "pocket-sized, aerial surveillance device" meant to provide Soldiers a small, easy-to-use technology that enables them to observe everything from individual rooms in buildings to entire villages during combat missions. (URL to follow upon release.)

"Tunnel: Power Grid" set for release November 28, 2016 depicts a humanitarian scenario where Army engineers actively assemble a prime power grid during severe weather, restoring much needed power to a hospital. This is meant to showcase what our engineers do and the kind of impact and difference Soldiers make on a daily basis, at home and abroad. (URL to follow upon release.)

All four commercials lead to where prospects are encouraged to explore content related to their ability to join the highly selective Army team. We encourage you to share this website and any/all of these spots on your social media networks using the hashtag #ArmyTeam. Sharing allows us to expand our conversation with potential prospects, influencers, educators and Army advocates in order to dispel misperceptions and provide further information on what the Army does, why we do it and the difference Soldiers make every day nationally and globally as part of the Army team.

Your feedback on our efforts is greatly appreciated. To provide comments or if you have any questions, please reply to this email.

As always, we appreciate your partnership and the important role you play in helping America understand and value their U.S. Army, increasing their willingness to support, recommend and/or consider Army service.

Mark S. Davis
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Marketing

Department of the Army • Army Marketing and Research Group • ATTN: SAMR-MR
2530 Crystal Drive • Suite 4150 • Arlington, VA 22202-3934

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