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Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection serves as a tool to assess character, courage, commitment and intellect. The course trains Civil Affairs candidates to handle situations they may face in the field.

Soldiers should be prepared to do the following at Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection:

  • Score a minimum of 240 on the APFT, with 60 points or higher in each event
  • Run 3-6 miles at a sustained nine minute/mile pace
  • Ruck march for 12 miles with 35lbs within three hours
  • Lead a small team during periods of mental and physical stress
  • Research and analyze a problem and develop a solution, individually and as a member of team
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing



The Civil Affairs training pathway consists of four separate courses, lasting a total of approximately 44 weeks.

Civil Affairs Specialist

The MOS phase, which lasts 8 weeks, trains officers and non-commissioned officers in their respective tactical, technical, and leader skills needed as a member of a CA team. Training focuses on unconventional warfare, conducting civil engagements, negotiations and mediations, combat skills, and planning Civil Affairs Operations.

Collective Training (Sluss Tiller)

Sluss Tiller is the training exercise that serves as the litmus test for Soldiers hoping to join the Civil Affairs regiment. Candidates are organized into teams and inserted into a fictional country known as Pineland. Pineland is rife with political turmoil, and candidates must navigate the region and exercise both individual and collective problem-solving.

Language and Culture

During this 25-week course, students will fine-tune their skills in the language to which they have been assigned. Languages include Russian, French, Indonesian, Spanish, multiple dialects of Arabic, Chinese-Mandarin, Persian-Farsi, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu and Brazilian Portuguese.

Regional Analysis

This 4-week course teaches U.S. national policy and strategy, as well as operational variable analysis. Using these as a framework, students will learn about a specific region’s history, culture, and characteristics, as well as build an understanding of issues facing that region today.

Following graduation from the Civil Affairs Training Pathway, NCOs and Officers will report to one of the six Active Duty CA battalions located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and beginning their SOF careers as CA NCOs or Civil Affairs Team Leaders.