Careers & Jobs
US Army Soldiers listening to foreign civilians
  • Working with key civil leaders
  • Conducting Civil Affairs projects and programs
  • Coordinating and directing humanitarian aid distribution
  • Supporting Special Operations Forces and other Army forces
  • Providing expertise and support to local civilian governments and administrators
  • Working in partnership with other government agencies or the militaries of allied nations

While missions vary and can take place anywhere around the world, Civil Affairs Soldiers are known for their expertise at:

  • Gaining access and opportunities to collect information
  • Influencing foreign populations in support of U.S. objectives
  • Leveraging popular support against enemy threats
  • Assisting governments with stability goals
  • Providing commanders with detailed area and cultural analysis of a region
  • Engaging with key leaders and persons of influence

Ultimately, by understanding the complex challenges impacting a given area, Civil Affairs teams are able to eliminate threats and prevent adversaries from exploiting local populations.


Civil Affairs Team Leader–Officer

A Civil Affairs Team Leader is the highest-ranking member of the team and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and leading Civil Affairs missions as well as working with other military units or government agencies. The Team Leader serves as the lead in all civil engagements and is the “face and voice” of the team.

Civil Affairs Team Sergeant–Enlisted Soldier

The Team Sergeant is the most senior enlisted member of the team and is second in command to the Team Leader. The Team Sergeant is responsible for security and protection of the team as well as maintaining high standards of safety, discipline, welfare, and the development of team training. The Team Sergeant uses experience and wisdom to mentor and train the other members of the team to a high state of tactical and technical readiness.

Civil Affairs Reconnaissance Sergeant–Enlisted Soldier

The Reconnaissance Sergeant plans and executes civil reconnaissance missions that provide the team with the ability to safely conduct civil engagements, infrastructure assessments, and day-in-the-life analysis. The Reconnaissance Sergeant is also responsible for establishing team communications to support training and operations as well as logistical support for personnel and equipment.

Civil Affairs Medical Sergeant–Enlisted Soldier

The Civil Affairs Medical Sergeant is a highly-trained medic and expert at providing prolonged medical care anywhere in the world. The Civil Affairs Medical Sergeant is responsible for the team’s overall health and welfare as well as providing detailed medical analysis of an operational area to assist with Civil Affairs mission planning.