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Soldiers perform troubleshooting during a Network Integration Evaluation

General Requirements

Do you have what it takes to become a Warrant Officer? Additional requirements to technical specialties include:

  • Complete MOS training
  • Rank of SPC/E-6 or higher
  • Aged no older than 46
  • Most specialties require completion of appropriate NCOES leadership courses
  • Documented proficiency in speciaty area
  • Must meet prerequisite standards in specialty area

There are 43 technical Warrant Officer specialties with 13 control branches that include military intelligence, Special Forces, and human resources.

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Army Reserve Program

The Army Reserve offers many opportunities for both prior service and non-prior service individuals to become Warrant Officers.

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The following is a list of the current technical specialties available to prospective Warrant Officers:

Construction Engineering Technician (120A)
Geospatial Engineering Technician (125D)
Field Artillery Targeting Technican (131A)
Command and Control Systems Integrator (140A)
Air Traffic and Air Space Management Technician (150A)
Aviation Maintenance Technician (151A)
Cyber Operations Technician field (170A)
Information Services Technician (255A)
Network Management Technician (255N)
Information Protection Technician (255S)
Senior Network Operations Technician (255Z)
Legal Administrator (270A)
Electronic Warfare Technician (290A)
Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Special Agent (311A)
All Source Intelligence Technician (350F)
Imagery Intelligence Technician (350G)
Counterintelligence Technician (351L)
Human Intelligence Collection Technician (351M)
Signals Intelligence Analyst (352N)
Voice Intercept Technician (352P)
Signals Collections Technician (352S)
Human Resources Technician (420A)
Bandmaster (420C)
Food Safety Officer (640A)
Health Services Maintenance Technician (670A)
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Warrant Officer (740A)
Marine Deck Officer (880A)
Mobility Officer (882A)
Ammunition Technician (890A)
Armament Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer (913A)
Allied Trades Warrant Officer (914A)
Automotive Maintenance Warrant Offier (915A)
Senior Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer (915E)
Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer (919A)
Property Accounting Technician (920A)
Supply Systems Technician (920B)
Airdrop Systems Technician (921A)
Food Service Technician (922A)
Petroleum Technician (923A)
Electronic Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer (948B)
Electronic Missile Systems Maintenance Warrant Officer (948D)
Senior Electronics Maintenance Warrant Officer (948E)