eArmyU provides Soldiers with unlimited Army “e-learning” access to over a hundred degree plans at regionally accredited colleges and universities. You can earn your certificate or degree from a college at your convenience while taking online classes from multiple schools anywhere in the world, while you’re deployed or at home.

GOARMYED is the Soldiers' gateway to taking courses for college credit, earning certifications and furthering their Army training. In essence, it's an Army tuition assistance program. Through GoArmyEd, you can request online Army tuition assistance for classroom, distance learning and eArmyU online college courses. Eligible Soldiers will also receive 100 percent funding for tuition and course fees up to $4,500 per year.


College of the American Soldier works in conjunction with GoArmyEd and colleges whose degrees participate in the career Noncommissioned Officer degrees program. CAS expands existing civilian higher education degree choices to provide career NCOs with broad preparation degree options not tied to a specific Military Occupational Specialty and offers the following benefits:

  • Provides flexibility in degree completion time
  • Maximizes credit transfer between colleges
  • Maximizes college credit for military training and education
  • Minimizes academic residency requirements
  • Provides business and management-related degrees

Satellite Campuses

Most Army posts feature satellite branches of local accredited universities that let Soldiers attend college classes without ever leaving post. Credits earned on satellite campuses transfer automatically to the host university and allow Soldiers to earn credit toward everything from an associate’s to a master’s degree.


Otto always wanted to go to a private university; we didn't have money to send him to a private school. Basically I was getting the education that I could afford, not necessarily the education that I wanted for myself. But Otto's dream was always to go to the University of Miami. I had to find a source that would allow me the opportunity to go to a better school.

So one day, walking through my community college, I look over and there was a ROTC recruiter. And I started asking him questions and all of the answers that I was getting, they seemed to all line up in the direction that I wanted to move. I wanted to move to a better school; I wanted a higher education; I wanted to be challenged as a student. And at that point, the light bulb went on and - Eureka! - here I am.

The Army helped him find his path in life and Otto came out a grown man. I'm grateful to the Army for everything they've done for my son. It's an indescribable emotion. I feel it with all my heart.