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Army Music
Army Position:
Musician (42R)
Fort McPherson
Staff Sergeant
Army Ground Forces Band

I'm Lori Nix. I'm a staff sergeant, and I work at Fort McPherson, and I play the bassoon. I was worried the Army band would be just a bunch of marches, but it's not at all. It's a "real" band, and we play such variety, everything under the sun, back to back. So it's challenging musically. I get to play my instrument, make money doing that, and get to play such various types of music. Lots of bassoonists just like orchestra, and that is my favorite too. But I get to play instead of waitress or do other things. We have small groups and I have time because it's a really good workday. There's time to sub in orchestras in the area and still get the orchestra side of it along with everything else.

Well, right now my main small group is the woodwind quintet. But we'll do trios, quartets, whatever music we like and get together. And I've also sat with the jazz band on saxophone. I had at times wanted to be a teacher and still get to do that because I still have time to teach other bassoonists on the side. I've been interested in pretty much everything growing up, so I've flirted with lots of ideas—but music satisfied me more than others.

Growing up, I was always really patriotic -- loved my country, and thought that being in the military would be the ultimate support of that. I had toyed with the idea of just joining—at least for a short time—just to support my country, and I'm planning on staying in, because the Army's giving me everything I want. I've got a place to play the bassoon. I've got a salary -- a good salary -- and I've got an opportunity to improve -- become a musician with other good musicians and good people. And the Army's like a family. I've never been anywhere else where the people cared so much about you as an individual and helped you out in whatever your goals are.