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In January of 2015, Specialist Bedh P. Yadav received his orders. Little did he know it would be the assignment of a lifetime.

Chapter One A Threat Arises

Specialist Bedh Yadav

I always wanted to study medicine, but I had no idea I’d be involved in developing a Zika vaccine.

— specialist bedh p. yadav

Discovered in 1947,

Zika was originally considered a rare, mosquito-borne virus thought to cause only mild symptoms. More recently, the number of reported Zika cases increased, especially in South and Central America.

A Sophisticated Weapon

More than just one tiny spear, the Aedes aegypti’s proboscis (mouth) consists of multiple needlelike stylets, each of which perform a specific function.

Enter Specialist Bedh P. Yadav, a young lab technician from Texas in search of a career in health care. It wouldn’t be long before Spc. Yadav realized he had arrived in the right place at the right time.

Meet Specialist Bedh Yadav

Inspired by his father, Spc. Yadav was about to embark on a medical expedition for a life-saving vaccine.

Chapter Two