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All-American Bowl History

History of the All-American Bowl.

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  • All-American Bowl History

    History of the All-American Bowl.

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    All-American Bowl History
  • West Point Instructor / Athletic Director

    See how managing Soldiers and college athletes requires similar leadership skill...

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    West Point Instructor / Athletic Director
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All-American Bowl History

History of the All-American Bowl.

VOICE OVER: For the past eight years, nothing has been a bigger crystal ball into the future of college and NFL football than the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. The San Antonio Classic takes place right after the college bowl season and has featured the first look at some household names in football today.
VOICE OVER: Let's start at the beginning in 2002 with future National Champion Vince Young now with the Tennessee Titans showing the world that he can beat you with his arms...and his legs. Or Lorenzo Booker, the sleek, versatile back lighting up San Antonio with his brilliant running.
VOICE OVER: The following year the U.S. Army All-American Bowl started with Chris Leak finding his future Florida teammate Andre Caldwell for a score, and Leak would go on to win the Pete Dawkins Trophy for his MVP performance on the day... Leak's fellow East quarterback that year was Brady Quinn, who would move on to South Bend, and a terrific career with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame... 2003 also featured the most dynamic duo since the Army's own Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside in USC's LenDale White now with the Titans and Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush now with the Saints. Check out these two great backs in action and then what Number Five had to say about the Bowl during his Heisman Campaign in 2005.
Reggie Bush: It was a great experience for me to go out there and showcase my talent and get some of the best athletes in the world of that year in high school. I really enjoyed being able to travel obviously to San Antonio.
VOICE OVER: 2004 was a year of change with a new network in NBC and record crowds filling the Alamodome to check out the future of college football. Here's Oklahoma's super tailback Adrian Peterson riding the chuck wagon to all the way to the promise land. And quarterback Chad Henne (HENNY) tossing the pigskin for a picture perfect score. And then the Miami Dolphins' Ted Ginn, Jr. all the way home across the field for the score on the kickoff.
VOICE OVER: 2005 was highlighted by DeSean Jackson who would end up having a great receiving day, and wind up with the Pete Dawkins Trophy as the bowl's MVP...
VOICE OVER: 2006 also brought out the best in America's high school athletes to show the football world their bright future. One of the most exciting players in the country, Percy Harvin, showing off the moves before heading to the Florida Gators... Game MVP Chris Wells running in one of his three touchdowns... And Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow showing off his agility and arm strength on this 56 yard pass play...
VOICE OVER: 2007 featured Southern California's running back Joe McKnight...showing his cut-back ability, as he finds his way into the end-zone...and linebacker Chris Galippo (GUL-IPPO) making one of his game high seven tackles, which propelled him to the Pete Dawkins Game MVP Award. Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen showing off his rifle arm with the completion... And electrifying running back Noel Devine showing his return skills...
VOICE OVER: Last year showcased the nation's best in front of a U.S. Army All-American Bowl record crowd of over 36,000 attendees. Here is Ohio State's Terrelle Pryor scoring one of his two touchdowns on the day, as he led the East team to victory and earned game MVP honors... Star Jackson airing it out to Jonathan Baldwin for a 46-yard scoring strike... And Notre Dame Fighting Irish Dayne Crist (KRIST) hooking up with Michael Floyd on a 56-yard touchdown pass
Photo of a teenager on the phone. VOICE OVER: Aside from the great action on the field the U.S. Army All-American Bowl has become synonymous with announcing, for the first time, who is headed where in the world of college football. Recruiting is as fierce a competition as the battles on the gridiron!
VOICE OVER: Beginning in 2003, the top prospect in all of high school football, Chris Leak shocked the world by choosing the Florida Gators as his school for the next four years, and a bowl tradition was off and running.
VOICE OVER: In 2004, versatile wide out and cornerback Ted Ginn Jr. flew down the field, into the end zone, and ran straight to the announcement table to tell everyone that he was now a Buckeye for his college career. And Running Back.
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