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U.S. Army Racing
The U.S. Army NHRA Top Fuel Dragster smokes its tires


The U.S. Army Top Fuel Dragster - it has the fastest acceleration on land.

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U.S. Army Racing NHRA driver Tony Schumacher

Tony Schumacher

Tony Schumacher grew up watching his father Don “The Shoe” Schumacher dominate the NHRA Funny Car field. So it was only a matter of time before Tony began racing.

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U.S. Army Racing NHRA driver Antron Brown

Antron Brown

The Army’s major associate sponsorship of Antron Brown’s dragster continues to keep him on the Army Racing team. Antron originally rode the U.S. Army Suzuki in the Pro Stock Motorcycle Class from 2003 – 2007.

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U.S. Army Racing NHRA Top Fuel pit crew

Pit Crew

Meet the team that keeps the U.S. Army Top Fuel Dragster fueled, lubed and on track to fly.

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U.S. Army Racing NHRA Top Fuel dragster flies off the starting line


View this year's NHRA Top Fuel Schedule - look fast: you don't want to miss a race.

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NHRA’s Y.E.S. logo

NHRA Y.E.S. Program

NHRA Youth & Education Services (Y.E.S.) program presented by the U.S. Army is motorsports' first and only full-time event dedicated to educational programming for high school and college-aged students.

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U.S. Army Racing NHRA driver Tony Schumacher prepares to race in his top fuel dragster


Read the NHRA Top Fuel News Archive.

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Students at a Ten80 NHRA Event

Ten80 Program

Education immersing students, educators, and administrators from across the country in the real-life applications of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts and careers.

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The Information Edge

The communication is obviously is a huge part of our success. The spotter is constantly on the radio trying to keep the driver out of trouble.

I have to kind of let him know how far ahead of the other cars, and kind of what the other cars are doing. I try to give Ryan as much information as he needs with minimal conversation so that he can stay focused.

Its up to me to separate the things that their dealing with, the things I'm dealing with and they know how to do that. But all of us drivers have to have that level headedness to get to the end of the race.

If Tony Gibson needs to see something you know he has that snap of the fingers you know, that what keeps us in the game. We gotta make sure that the information is there, and is usable in a timely fashion.

I’ll take this cartridge right here and we’ll take it out to the car and plug it into the computer and foot switch and it downloads all of the data into this cartridge. There's about 40 different things that we’ll look at.

The engine rpm, drive shaft rpm, fuel flow, fuel pressure, horizontal G’s that Tony feels when he’s going down the track, a different egt where it's a different color. It’s just a multitude of things and then we’ll use this data to make adjustments so we can make the quickest and fastest run that we can.

The feedback that we get from the crew guys is tremendous. They’re the ones that are working with those parts, in their hands every single day. That's what we strive on is trying to make sure its 100% perfect when it goes to the starting line, every time.