Staff Sgt. Stephen Ebert

"I've always felt that music makes you a sort of magician, but instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat you pull emotion from people's souls."

Staff Sgt. Stephen Ebert began playing guitar at
age 14. By 16 he took over teaching for his
guitar teacher at local music stores. He
attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
studying jazz and commercial music. After his
first year he took time off to save money to go
back and finish his degree. He originally
enlisted in the Army Band with the intent to
save money and go back to school. However,
he enjoyed it so much, he stayed in the Army
traveling the world playing guitar for Soldiers
and civilians. He has performed in South
Korea, most of Europe, Iraq, and every state in
the U.S. He is a recipient of the Colonel Finley
R. Hamilton Outstanding Military Musician
Award for musical and leadership excellence.

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