Sgt. 1st Class Sarah Perry

"Passion and love for the craft
makes good food, great."

Sgt. 1st Class Sarah Perry loved cooking as a child, "I always wanted to be in the kitchen making a mess out of something," she said. In high school, she participated in a two-year program called ProStart which solidified her decision to pursue a career in food service. "Realizing that I could cook and further my career in food service management almost seemed surreal," she said. "How could something so enjoyable turn into a career?" Perry won Armed Forces Chef of the Year in 2014, the first female to win the title. In the same year Perry also won the title of top Enlisted Aide out of all branches of military service.

In 2016, Perry competed as a member of the United States Army Culinary Arts Team at the International Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, earning one gold, one silver medal. Perry also won gold and silver medals in 2012 at the Culinary Olympics. Perry is a Certified Culinary Judge, Certified Culinary Chef and a Certification Evaluator with the American Culinary Federation. Perry is currently working on her master's in nutrition. She enlisted in the Army in 2010.

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