“Follow your dream.”

Capt. Deshauna Barber is the only member of the Armed Forces to ever win the Miss USA crown. Barber was also among the final top nine contestants in the 2017 Miss Universe Competition. As Miss USA, she worked directly with Soldiers suffering from PTSD and focused on suicide prevention in the Armed Forces. Barber grew up in a military family, “I never wanted to be a model, but I’ve always wanted to be a Soldier” Barber said.
When asked the question about the Pentagon's decision to open up all combat jobs to women, Barber answered, “As a woman in the United States Army, I think it is an amazing job by our government to allow women to integrate into every branch of the military.” “We are just as tough as men. As a commander of my unit I am powerful, I am dedicated and it's important to recognize that gender does not limit us in the United States Army.” “Being in the Army Reserve is a position that can be difficult sometimes, but I think it is one of the greatest positions to be able to follow your dreams and serve your country at the same time.”

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