Army Medical Corps

As a physician on the U.S. Army health care team, you can be eligible for up to $120,000 to pay down your medical school debt through the Active Duty Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

Army Medical Corps

As a health care professional with the U.S. Army Reserve, you’ll be exposed to new techniques, procedures and points of view. You’ll also gain knowledge and skills that you’ll be proud to take home to your own practice.

Army Medicine

When you enter the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer, you become part of the largest and most esteemed health care organization in the world.To provide the highest level of quality patient care, we give you every opportunity to perfect your specialty. We’ll help you to stay abreast of the newest developments, techniques and latest trends through continuing education courses, seminars and conferences that will help you expand your knowledge and further your career.

You’ll work with men and women who pioneer innovative medical techniques and breakthroughs. You’ll be given the opportunity to contribute to medical research. And most important of all, you’ll care for Soldiers and their families in some of the world’s most renowned hospitals, clinics and facilities.

You also have the option of serving as an active duty physician or in the U.S. Army Reserve.
Serving in the reserve gives you the option of working in the private sector while gaining the benefits and experience of serving on the Army health care team.

To find out more about becoming an Army physician, contact a recruiter.

Army Medical Physician-OBGYN

Physicians Benefits

Army physicians benefit from the service’s commitment to an excellent quality of life. From 30 days’ paid vacation to comfortable on-base housing, and more, the U.S. Army offers many benefits designed to improve your quality of life.

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Army Physician Careers


The Army Medical Corps offers practice opportunities for physicians in more than 40 specialty and subspecialty areas—from allergists to urologists. You’ll be part of a truly integrated health care team, working with professionals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the highest standard of patient care to our Soldiers and their families.

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Army Medical Corps

Physician PROFILES

Meet some of the dedicated physicians and surgeons that are members of the Army health care team.

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Army Medical Corps


The Army Medical Corps contains over 40 specialties, including internal medicine, neurosurgery, pathology, anesthesiology and psychiatry. As a physician and officer, you'll do much more than practice medicine. You’ll be trained as a leader and you'll be given the opportunity to participate in pioneering medical discovery and research. Learn more.

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Teamwork is paramount in the Army, and very much so in the clinical setting. We all work together to complete the mission.

I'm Major Argelio Lopez-Roca. I'm a Forensic and General Psychiatrist, and I've been assigned to Brooke Army Medical Center.

Compared to civilian private practice, on every 15th and every 30th, you will get a paycheck. I helped my dad in his office and I remember we fought for the longest time with this company he had done some consulting for. Here, you don't have that level of stress as to where the payment is going to come from for the house, the office, the cars.

I see my opportunity for advancement as very good. If you show that you are able to do the work, the Army is always making sure that you get more and more responsibility.

Another opportunity is being able to work with people from other countries. Because I am fluent in Spanish, I have been invited to lecture at international conferences in South American countries on three different occasions, in three different years. It was incredible.

The Army offers other opportunities as well. There is an obvious emphasis on maintaining the morale of the family and the service members. When you're doing your job, you are expected to do it 100%. When you're not and you have a break, being able to enjoy it to the fullest is absolutely something that is put within your reach. I'd never seen a military post like Fort Bragg. They had all kinds of activities and even a waterpark for the kids.

One of the things I find very enjoyable is going horseback riding with my friends. What better way to spend a couple of hours than going down a trail with a couple of horses, just enjoying everything around you?

What motivates me to get up and do my job is making sure the Soldiers are being taken care of, and being able to help them in the best possible way.