Soldier Life
Earning a prestigious degree for free
Army Position:
Los Alamitos, CA
Civilian Job:
Staff Operations and Training Specialist for the Army

INTRO: FADE IN: Music OPEN ON: CPT Sandra Lee Altamirano in uniform, talking to camera: CPT ALTAMIRANO I’m Captain Sandra Lee Altamirano. I’m a Broadcast Operations Officer in the Army Reserve. GRAPHIC: CPT Sandra Lee Altamirano, Broadcast Operations Officer, Reserve location CPT Altamirano shares about why she decided to join Army Reserve. Explains how the career offerings were unexpected. In fact, she found the Army offered the job she was looking for. CUT TO: Voiceover of her describing her initial MOS and her current career. Close up of examples of the work CPT Altamirano creates. Jump cuts to graphics, videos with logo of The Pentagon Channel and American Forces Network on a TV screen, etc. Voiceover of CPT Altamirano explaining how her work fulfills her creative aspirations, and what goes into production of projects for The Pentagon Channel and American Forces Network. CUT TO: Her team working on a project (e.g. shooting a video game at the Patton Reserve Center). She is giving orders, managing the process and giving encouragement to team. Voiceover of CPT Altamirano discussing why she finds her job so rewarding. Capture discussion. CUT TO INTERVIEW: CPT Altamirano speaks about the opportunities the Army Reserve has provided— especially how her prior Army experience helped her get into USC. And the Army paid for her to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the country. CUT TO: As voiceover continues, we see CPT Altamirano at Annenberg School for Journalism and walking through USC campus. She also touches on how experiences in Iraq affected her experience at USC.   CUT TO: Video of Saddam Hussein capture announcement. Voiceover of CPT Altamirano telling a highlight was working the camera at that news conference. CUT TO: INTERVIEW: CPT Altamirano explaining how much the Army Reserve has given her. In fact, she enjoying being in the Army so much, her civilian job is working for the Army. CUT TO: Voiceover continues as we see CPT Altamirano at her civilian job. CPT Altamirano talks about her “other job” and discusses her responsibilities as a Staff Operations and Training Specialist. CUT TO: CPT Altamirano talking and assisting a Soldier. She talks about her leadership relationship with her Soldiers. Capture discussion. CUT TO: INTERVIEW: CPT Altamirano talks about how the Army Reserve has helped her accomplish her goals. CUT TO: CPT Altamirano at her home, riding motorcycle with husband. Voiceover about all she’s achieved and gain (e.g. degree, house) without any financial hardships. CUT TO: CPT Altamirano and husband in house or getting ready to ride their motorcycles. Voiceover telling how the Army Reserve allows her to have a fulfilling life. CUT TO: Close up of CPT Altamirano in her Army uniform, sharing her final thoughts on why she recommends the Army Reserve. CUT TO: Voiceover continues as CPT Altamirano and her husband riding into the sunset on motorcycles.