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Benefits of ROTC: Army Overview
Colorado Springs, CO
Army Position:
Medical Services Corps
Colorado Springs, CO
First Lieutenant *
First Lieutenant

I met Maureen in ROTC, day five in the program. It's going well, we had our 11th anniversary August 1st.

I was very impressed with Maureen because a lot of Soldiers and a lot of doctors would come up to me and state, "I can't believe how driven she is, what a good leader she is."

To find somebody that you are going to spend the rest of your life with in the midst of leaders and confident people and talent it's just the best place to be.

That's the greatest feeling is being in a team environment and that's what the Army's really driven me to. ROTC was great for me it's what I needed it's what I wanted. When I look back at that experience it was the most rewarding experience I could have.