Soldier Life
Old Dominion University
Political Science
ROTC fact:
Enrolled in Army ROTC his freshman year at Old Dominion University and received a four-year ROTC scholarship.

My name is RJ Custodio I'm from Virginia Beach, I'm a political science major here at Old Dominion, I'm a senior. Political Science really helps my career in ROTC because I'm learning about international politics and international conflicts and engagements that have been going on.

RJ Custodio is a great guy, the typical scholar-athlete-leader. He has one of the highest GPA's in his class.

In the ROTC program I've been able to have a balanced life. He loves playing team sports, he loves playing volleyball.

It's a pretty intense sport, emotions can change in an instant And the family feel you get on and off the court is pretty amazing. I kid around with all my siblings.

He says that he's the funniest out of the five of us, of all his siblings.

I don't know if I consider myself the funniest, but just being able to have that kind of respect from my peers even from my family and know that I'm making them proud it just means the world to me.