Soldier Life
University of Texas at El Paso
ROTC fact:
Enrolled in Army ROTC during her junior year after graduating from the Leader's Training Course at Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

There are so many similarities between ROTC and nursing. Because for one thing, in nursing you have to be a leader. Interacting with patients you have to be able to make decisions on the spur of the moment, and that's exactly what you're doing in ROTC.

We use the tactics to develop leadership, and in Marissa's case, she's trained to treat people, she motivates herself, she makes things happen, she's came into this program and thrived, she's done a phenomenal job.

ROTC helps me out a lot because it's kind of one of those things where with nursing, you can't give up. And that's the bottom line.

It's hard and there's so much studying you have to do, you just have to push forward. So that attitude directly applies to nursing and how you're able to get through the obstacles that you face.

You meet so many people that are thrilled to have even just a student help them with their care. The other day I was taking care of a patient and she looked at me and said, I love you.

I don't know that she knew it was me, but it was so nice hearing that. And all they really want sometimes is for someone to come in and talk to them. I'm very proud to do it and I'm excited to start my future and I'm especially excited to start it as a nurse.