Soldier Life

Post Housing (Single Soldiers)

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Hi, I'm Danny Sharpe, I'm just getting off work and I came over here to check out my mail and I want you guys to come check my place out. Follow me.

Come on in. Over here we have the little kitchen area. In here I have, me personally, I like to keep a lot of food in the refrigerator just in case when I get off work just grab a bite to eat or something like that. You have a full kitchen here, you can either cook something on the stove or in the microwave or you can go across the street to the chow hall.

Over here, you have the bathroom. It's a nice setup that they have here. You have the full toilet and the actual full bath. With the full shower and all that.

I'm going to go over here and get changed, I just got of work and I'm a little dirty. So, I see you guys in a little bit to show you around a little bit more.

Lets go through the rest of the building; I'll show you guys around.

This is the laundry room come check it out. This is the place where you no longer have to fight over who gets the dryer first. You have a number of washers and dryers to use in here at your disposal and my room is right down the hallway. So you see how long, it didn't take me that long to get here.

This is the mud room, where a lot of guys when they come out of the field and they have most of their gear instead of them taking it up to their room when its all muddy and dirty straight from coming out of the field, you just come in here, give it a quick wash. It pretty nice to have over here it's convenient.

Welcome to my room, all right over here you have the bedroom area, my dogs here, over here my little DVD player, my television. So when I'm at work, I mean when I get off work, I just come here and just watch a movie, lay back in the bed, chill, kick it, friends come over, hey. Over here I have my little DVD setup, I like the newest DVD and things that come out so I always like to sit over here and watch movies and relax and whatever.

Here's my closet here, you actually have a full walk in closet. It's not like those small closets you actually walk in. You can put a lot of stuff in here its pretty spacious in here.

That's pretty much it. You guys have pretty much seen everything in here; hope you enjoyed the tour. Thank you for stopping by.