Benefits of ROTC: Army Overview
Colorado Springs, CO
Army Position:
Medical Services Corps
Colorado Springs, CO
First Lieutenant *
First Lieutenant

I'm Clint Bickett, I'm the director of finance for Lockheed Martin. I essentially manage all of their financials their business operations. When I was going through the ROTC program, college really taught me how to be a leader but the ROTC program and the Army taught me how to utilize those skills in an everyday setting. When I look back in college I look at all of my other college buddies and honestly, I had the same college career they had but essentially it set me up for bigger and better things.

Clint brings with him a dedication to the mission, willingness to put the job above himself and I believe that's something he learned in ROTC.

I knew for a fact after graduating from college I would have a competitive advantage in the Army or even outside the Army because I know civilian contractors are looking for that self-discipline that most of us possess.

I believe that Clint's potential within Lockheed Martin is unlimited. There is no reason why Clint couldn't be the CEO of the corporation at some point.

Well, I think the ROTC really provided me a toolkit for being a stronger leader. It gave me time-management skills it gave me the ability to be flexible yet it allowed me to operate within a team environment which the U.S. Army always is. You win as a team and you lose as a team.