The Ranger Assessment and Selection Program will challenge you like never before.  Find out what it takes and how to prepare yourself to serve with the 75th Ranger Regiment. 

Ranger saluting

The distinctive headgear of the 75th Ranger Regiment is the tan beret.  The beret is a mark of distinction that brands the wearer as a proven warrior.  The tan color is reminiscent of the leather caps worn by the original rangers of American heritage and lore. 

75th Ranger Regiment
Clearing biulding
Ranger on Machine gun

Direct Action

Direct action missions are designed to seize, destroy, or capture enemy facilities or materials.  Rangers are trained and equipped to deliver maximum surprise and shock to opponents. 

Night vision

Airfield Seizure

The Ranger Regiment is the Nation's premier choice for forced entry operations.  The Ranger Regiment's capability to conduct airborne operations into hostile territory is strategically essential to our offensive military power and reach.

Ranger mountian movement

Special Reconnaissance

These intelligence gathering activities are designed to monitor and assess, find and fix hostile forces for future operations or strategic decision making.

Ranger fast rope

Personnel Recovery

Rangers are trained to evacuate or rescue civilians and prisoners of war, or capture designated enemy personnel in politically sensitive areas, hostile terrain, or enemy held territory. 

Ranger halo drop

Clandestine Insertion

To place maximum surprise and shock on the enemy, the Ranger Regiment uses special techniques and equipment to infiltrate enemy territory, seize the initiative, and achieve surprise over hostile forces.

Ranger night mission

Sensitive SITE Exploitation

Leveraging their combination of cutting edge equipment and lethal, responsive strike forces, the Regiment collects and analyzes information gathered on missions to conduct rapid follow-on operations that keep aggressors off-balance and unable to react.