For Parents

Tanya: Jonathan has been in the military for a year now and he's matured quite a bit. Right now the responsibilities that Jonathan has in his life is he is married and he has a baby girl and he's really starting to understand what being a parent means. And its just, its the dream that we all had for him. I think my son has changed so much for the better since he's been in the Army. The Army has grown him into this wonderful man and where it is like I said earlier I am concerned about him going overseas I, I believe that they have equipped him and taught him how to go over there and take care of himself as well as his friends, and I believe that with Jon's focus and determination he can do anything he wants to do. While I'm still concerned because I am his mother, I do feel differently about the Army now, I'm very proud of him, I'm proud of what they have taught him, I'm proud of the man that he is becoming while being in the Army.

I would tell other Moms with children that want to join the Army that in the beginning you would probably be a little afraid but because of the opportunities that the Army has, it helps them to grow and to develop and to become the people that we want our children to become. To have a son that is serving our country, that actually makes me very proud.

I am proud of my son Jon. He'll always be my baby, but now he's a man.