Learn the skills necessary to become one of the Army’s elite leaders.


Take the first step toward becoming stronger than you ever imagined.


See where Army Rangers learn to jump and parachute from airplanes.


Photo of Soldiers running


Without knowing the course length, teams set out at dawn on this 7.2-mile trek.

Photo of Soldiers


26 obstacles spread over 2,000 meters make this one of the most difficult obstacle courses known to man.

Photo of Soldier firing weapon


Using different weapons, teams must engage several targets while making sure they don't misfire.

Photo of Soldiers in shooting drill


Teams sprint to different shoot points where their firing skills are tested using different weapons.

Photo of Soldiers assembling weapon


Teams will be timed as they try to assemble weapons from various mixed parts.

Photo of Soldier administering emergency care


Under stressful conditions, soldiers will be required to administer emergency care.

Photo of Soldier climbing tower


Three massive towers that competitors will attempt to climb, then rappel down using fast-rope techniques.

Photo of Soldiers jumping from helicopter


Teams must jump from moving helicopters into Victory Pond, then compete in a swim event.


Team 1
SFC Mark Breyak / SFC Steven Fields
JFK Special Warfare School & Center NCOA

Team 3
MSG Joshua King / CPT Kevin Toth
5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Team 5
SSG George Sankey / MSG Kevin Quant
US Special Operations Command

Team 6
MSG Eric Ross / MSG Eric Turk
US Special Operations Command

Team 7
SGM Evert Solderholm / SGM James Moran
US Special Operations Command

Team 8
LTC Thomas Foster, COL Argo
US Special Operations Command

Team 9
SGT Anthony Vasquez, SSG Keith Back
3rd Infantry Division

Team 10
SSG Danny Shedd, SSG Warren Cash
3rd Infantry Division

Team 11
SSG Brett Graves, SSG Joshua Sullivan
82nd Airborne Division

Team 12
SSG Jeremiah Waggoner, SSG Bernado Mota

Team 14
SGT William Cole / 1LT Lauren Gore
1st Infantry Division

Team 15
SSG Raymon Santiago / SFC Mason Riepe
4th Ranger Training Battalion

Team 16
CPT Jeremy Shute / SFC Jared Sarten
4th Ranger Training Battalion

Team 17
SFC Larry Forrest / SFC James Anderson
4th Ranger Training Battalion

Team 18
CPT Andrew Smith / CPT Aaron Chonko
5th Ranger Training Battalion

Team 19
SSG Thomas West / SFC Jose Magana
6th Ranger Training Battalion

Team 20
SSG Kyle Skaggs / SSG Michael Ayotte
6th Ranger Training Battalion

Team 21
SGT Michael Malchow / SGT Jesse Collins
75th Ranger Regiment

Team 22
SFC William Greenwood / SFC Gerald McKinney
75th Ranger Regiment

Team 23
Eugene Mirador / SGT Jeremy Billings
75th Ranger Regiment

Team 24
SFC Brett Johnson / SSG Joshua Horsager
75th Ranger Regiment

Team 25
SSG Charles Cogle / SGT Frank Horbay

Team 26
SPC Cristob Cruz / SSG Wilton Gleaton
75th Ranger Regiment

Team 27
CPT Adam Patten / CPT Darrell Fawley

Team 28
CPT Sean Justi / MAJ Robert Risdon
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 29
CPT Ashton Ballesteros / CPT Luke Bandl
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 30
SSG Rommel Hurtado / SFC Cedric King
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 31
SSG Mark Taylor / CPT John Intile
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 32
CPT James Lostroscio / CPT Eric Schmitz
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 33
CPT Joseph DeChauny / 1LT Kevin Alger
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 34
CPT Mark Breugem / CPT Owen Broom
199th Infantry Brigade

Team 36
MSG David Roels / MSG Joseph Schoch
Asymmetric Warfare Group

Team 37
CPT Derrick Anderson / SSG Christopher Malone
3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)

Team 38
1LT Daniel Norwood / MSgt Michael Miller
USAF 820th SFG

Team 39
SFC Vernon Kenworthy / SFC Justin Brekken
3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)

Team 40
CPT Christopher Ahlemeyer / SSG Robert Tobin
Rhode Island Army National Guard

Team 41
1SG Kevin Dylus / CPT Robert May
North Carolina Army National Guard

Team 42
SFC Robert Hoffnagle / MAJ Jamison Kirby
Army National Guard Warrior Training Center

Team 44
1LT Matthew Schachman / CPT John Campbell
25th Infantry Division

Team 45
MAJ Ryan Hanson / SFC Keith Bishop
95th Civil Affairs Brigade

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