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The Strength In Action Zone Experience Includes:

Strength of Body: Participants see if they meet the physical fitness standards of the U.S. Army on a timed, three-tiered fitness challenge. They also have the opportunity to climb the rock-wall tower and perform fitness challenges on a pull-up bar.

Strength of Team: Up to four individuals will participate in a team-based, obstacle challenge that emphasizes the spirit of teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. With Army men and women providing guidance, this relay course provides you with an insight to the mental and physical strength of U.S. Army Soldiers.

Strength to Soar: Participants experience an Apache helicopter flight simulation, perform speed and direction changes, and other operational maneuvers, as they explore the advanced technology and available career opportunities in U.S. Army aviation.

Show Your Strong Face: Show Your Strong Face provides participants an opportunity to bring out the strongest version of themselves and options to share their SIAT experience.

U.S. Army Strength in Action Zone Apache Simulators - Strength to Soar

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