Becoming an Officer

There are four ways to become an Officer in the world's most powerful Army. But no matter which way you choose, you will learn to be an inspiring leader and an effective decision maker.

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Army Events
U.S. Army All-American Bowl Alumni
Chris WellsRunning Back2006
C.J. SpillerRunning Back2006
DeAnthony ThomasRunning Back2011
DeMarco MurrayRunning Back2006
Jamaal CharlesRunning Back2005
Jonathan StewartRunning Back2005
LeSean MccoyRunning Back2006
Marcus LattimoreRunning Back2010
Nick ChubbRunning Back2014
Royce FreemanRunning Back2014
T.J. YeldonRunning Back2012
Derrick HenryRunning Back2013
Christian McCaffreyRunning Back2014
Sony MichelRunning Back2014
Ezekiel ElliotRunning Back2013
Aaron MurrayQuarterback2009
A.J. McCarronQuarterback2009
Andrew LuckQuarterback2008
Tajh BoydQuarterback2009
Teddy BridgewaterQuarterback2011
Tim TebowQuarterback2006
Vince YoungQuarterback2002
DeSean JacksonWide Receiver2005
Keenan AllenWide Receiver2010
Percy HarvinWide Receiver2006
Robert WoodsWide Receiver2010
Rueben RandleWide Receiver2009
Sammy WatkinsWide Receiver2011
Ted Ginn, Jr.Wide Receiver2004
Odell Beckham, Jr.Wide Receiver2011
Stefon DiggsWide Receiver2012
Tyler BoydWide Receiver2013
KD CannonWide Receiver2014
Deon CainWide Receiver2015
Artavis ScottWide Receiver2014
Andre SmithOffensive Line2006
Anthony DavisOffensive Line2007
D.J. FlukerOffensive Line2009
Jake MatthewsOffensive Line2010
Joe ThomasOffensive Line2003
Matt KalilOffensive Line2008
Martez IveyOffensive Line2015
Michael OherOffensive Line2005
Nick MangoldOffensive Line2002
Tyron SmithOffensive Line2008
Cedric OgbuehiOffensive Line2010
John SullivanOffensive Line2003
Laremy TunsilOffensive Line2013
Donte WhitnerDefensive Back2003
Eric BerryDefensive Back2007
Patrick PetersonDefensive Back2008
Rahim MooreDefensive Back2008
T.J. McdonaldDefensive Back2009
Kendall FullerDefensive Back2013
Jalen RamseyDefensive Back2013
Eric ReidDefensive Back2010
Su'a CravensDefensive Back2013
Chris LongDefensive Line2004
Haloti NgataDefensive Line2002
Marcus SpearsDefensive Line2001
Robert QuinnDefensive Line2008
Sheldon RichardsonDefensive Line2009
Trenton ThompsonDefensive Line2015
A'Shawn RobinsonDefensive Line2013
Greg OlsenTight End2003
Kyle RudolphTight End2008
Vernon DavisTight End2003
Zach MillerTight End2004
Austin Seferian-JenkinsTight End2011
Nick O'LearyTight End2011
Brandon SpikesLinebacker2006
Brian CushingLinebacker2005
C.J. MosleyLinebacker2010
Derrick JohnsonLinebacker2001
Jarvis JonesLinebacker2009
Rey MaualugaLinebacker2005
Myles JackLinebacker2005
Shaq ThompsonLinebacker2012
Anthony BarrLinebacker2010
Myles JackLinebacker2013
Connor BarthPunter/Kicker2004
Blair WalshPunter/Kicker2008
Justin TuckerPunter/Kicker2008
Matt BosherPunter/Kicker2006
Kai Forbath Punter/Kicker2006