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This Week's Selections

Check back every week to see who was selected to participate in this year's game.

Special Teams Challenge

Think you have what it takes to run the ball down the field against the Army's best?

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Army Events
U.S. Army All American Bowl game action
U.S. Army All American Bowl game action

Schedule of Events

The U.S. Army All-American Bowl is much more than a football game. See all the events that take place during Bowl Week that make this a showcase of many diverse talents.

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U.S. Army All American Bowl game action

Player Bios

See all the talented players who made up the East and West teams. They exemplified what it means to be a successful individual, while also working as part of a team — their leadership skills were evident on and off the field.

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U.S. Army All American Bowl band in action

Marching Band

On January 4, 2014, 125 of the finest high school senior marching musicians and color guard members from across the country will perform during halftime of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

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U.S. Army All American Bowl game action

All-American Bowl Alumni

Since 2001, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl has showcased the mental, emotional and physical strength of the nation’s premier high school football talent. Only the strongest wear our colors – see some of the strongest to ever play in the Bowl.



Band Day 3

SSG Rebecca McLaughlin: With these students watching them put together this show, they're showing a lot of mental strength and focus, and a lot of physical capabilities with all the marching and playing at the same time.

Stephanie Ashwell: You would think with people coming from all over the country, different marching styles, that we would not be able to get together as quick as we are but everything falling into place and everybody's listening and doing what they're suppose to.

Major General David Mann: We first of all I think we have to recognize that these folks were selected. Not only for they're Academic prowess and their musical abilities but they were also they selected cause of their leadership.

The Army likes to partner with folks that really embrace our values whether it's Selfless Service, reaching your full potential or the importance of teamwork. And that's what they exhibit.

SSG Rebecca McLaughlin: So far with the All-American Band I've been a mentor and moved on two mentorships sessions with my eight mellophones. I've just been talking to them about their goals and how I can help them achieve them, and what my stories have been in the Army and how I got the where I am today.

Austin Maul: The Army mentor has been great in giving us a kind of personalized approach to what we're doing and being with them is one-on-one we've gained musical knowledge along with knowledge of the Army so the mentorship sessions have been going very well.

Stephanie Ashwell: I've learned to just push myself and keep on pushing myself and to also be grateful. I think that adds a lot to the mental strength, because if it weren't for the Army I wouldn't be here in the freezing cold, marching with the greatest musicians in America.