Army scholarships award students for academic excellence and allow them to focus on earning their college degree rather than worrying about how they’re going to pay for it. Read more about how to earn money for college through these Army scholarships.

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The Montgomery GI Bill is designed to help you pay for your college education.

Depending on how long you enlist with the Army and the job you choose, you can get over $60,000 to help pay for college. All you have to do is give $100 a month during your first year of service.

While most people think of the Montgomery GI Bill as a military benefit, it’s not actually managed by the Department of Defense or any branch of the U.S. Military. The Montgomery GI Bill is actually a “veteran benefit” and is managed by the Veterans Administration, which administers the program based upon the laws enacted by Congress.

To find out more about current amounts and eligibility requirements, contact your local Army recruiter or Army job counselor.


The Army Reserve offers a Selected Reserve Montgomery GI Bill for over $13,000. If you qualify for and accept a critical position in the Army Reserve, you can earn an additional MGIB kicker.


You can add up to $350 a month to your Montgomery GI Bill for up to 36 months (total of up to $12,600) with the GI Bill Kicker. “Kicker” amounts may vary according to job and rank.

Post 9/11 GI Bill

Soldiers who have served 90 or more days on active duty on or after Sept.11, 2001, are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The bill provides up to 36 months of benefits for education at an institution of higher learning. Benefits of the program include tuition, fees, a monthly living allowance, books and supplies. Benefits can also be transferred to a spouse or dependent children.


Enlisted Soldiers may qualify for the Loan Repayment Program (LRP). The LRP helps you pay off your student loans faster. You may qualify for up to $65,000 to pay off your student loans.


Let us help you pay off your college loans with the Army Reserve Student Loan Repayment Program.  Soldiers who enlist in the Army Reserve for six years are eligible.  


The Army Reserve can help you to take advantage of your educational benefits. In this program, we partner with over 1,800 colleges and universities to make it easy for you to get into college and start earning credit.


Active or Reserve Army enlisted soldiers are eligible to attend college full-time to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and can earn the following benefits:

  • Up to $9,000 per academic year for tuition and mandatory fees for up to 24 months
  • Up to $1,000 per academic year for books
  • Full pay and allowances, including eligibility for promotions


Students enrolled in accredited medical schools are eligible for a monthly stipend of more than $1,900. And once you graduate, you’ll train as part of an Army Reserve unit and get a chance to serve.


The more time that you spend in the Army Reserve your gonna have chances to become a leader. It really calls on you to be more than what you thought you could be.

You have people that you work with everyday that depend on you doing your job. And just by doing your job you motivate them to do there job.

Everyone from the very beginning is encouraged to take command of even the smallest group. Its extremely valuable you learn how to deal with people, how to motivate people. That's just a skill you can use absolutely anywhere.

Right now I'm a student taking advantage of the benefits that the Army Reserve has provided me.

If you want to go to school the Army Reserve is a great way to do it.

There's a number of different programs that help you out financially. One is the Tuition Assistance Program and the Army essentially pays your tuition bill.

The other program is the Montgomery G.I. Bill; which gives you a monthly check and it's used for anything, it's yours.

When you add all these things together, if you really do your research and find out what the Army Reserve can do for you the sky is the limit. Because I've been able to everything I've wanted to do as far as chasing my dreams and goals are concerned. What I hope to be doing in my civilian life is racing.

When I'm on the track I love nothing more than getting into a rhythm. My experience helped me a lot because engines perform on difference levels depending on what kind of fuel you're use. So a lot of the ideas that I come up with are things that I've learned from the Army Reserve. Ten years from now I still hope to be racing maybe even own my own race team. These are life long friends that you meet when you're deployed in the Army Reserve.

Ultimate dream, my ultimate dream would probably be to work for CNN or Fox News, doing being behind the scene production.

I'm applying to medical school now. I think the Army Reserve offers a great way to do what you like in the civilian world and me personally, I love it.

It's your future, stay strong in the Army Reserve visit