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  • enlisting and becoming a doctor

    08.05.2014 - I am an undergraduate senior, I will be done with my undergraduate in summer 2015. I am going to school to become an opt...

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  • Relocated/ how to find a unit?

    08.04.2014 - Hey all! I just relocated from New York to North Carolina, I am enlisted in the Army Reserves, can any tell me how to fi...

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  • I earned a 52 on my asvab. What does that qualify me for?

    08.05.2014 - I really want airborne infantry! Will these scores get me there?   Here are my line scores: GT.   ...

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  • 09L MOS - looking into Airborne and Air Assault

    08.04.2014 - Hi,   I just joined the Army AD as a 09L, my BCT is going to be in Ft Jackson, SC and my AIT is going to be in Ft...

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  • Good day sir

    08.05.2014 - Good day sir my name is samson ezeute am from nigeria but right now i study and live in north cyprus..........from my ch...

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  • Highest ranking servicemember killed in Afghanistan

    08.05.2014 -

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  • Officer Drawdown Cuts

    06.22.2014 - Captains and Majors are about to receive that dreary notice

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  • Numerous questions

    08.05.2014 - Hi, I'm wanting to join the army next year possible after April unless I decide earlier (then this year before December)...

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  • depression

    11.08.2011 - im goin to join the army if i can get in. i am manic depressive, and i was wondering what programs the army has to help ...

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  • HEPATITIS B Waiver??

    08.05.2014 - Hi everyone, I have a serious question. I'm very worried that I might get denied the opportunity to serve my country ...

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Building Leadership Skills

My name is Captain Kevin Gormley and I am the new Commander of the 98th Combat Stress Control Detachment within the 62nd Medical Brigade at Fort Lewis, Washington.

The team approach that I saw when I came in, made me think, "There's something special here and I want to be a part of this."

I can't find any other program out there that has compared to the program we have within the Army Nurse Corps and it continues to get better.

I never knew that the United States Army was so far advanced in the research of many of the different areas that we practice in. To be a part of that groundbreaking research before it hits the rest of the world, is amazing. I would never have experienced this in a civilian nursing job.

The Army's focus is on the family and the Soldier. And they get it. They understand that the family is an extension of the Soldier.

I am a commander of a combat stress detachment now. Five or six years ago, it was unheard of for nurses to be commanders.

The Army makes it possible to step into any leadership position and be successful.

There is no organization in my opinion, that is any better than the Army Nurse Corps in mentoring and nurturing nurses and soldiers to be the best. The opportunities are there. The experiences are second to none and it's turned out to be something much greater than I ever anticipated.