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Season 1: Joshua

Will fear hold him back — or will Josh begin his dream of becoming a highly skilled mechanic in the Army?

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  • Season 1: Joshua

    Will fear hold him back — or will Josh begin his dream of becoming a highly skil...

    Season 1: Joshua
  • Apache Helicopter

    The soldiers responsible for the mechanics of Army aircrafts play an important r...

    Apache Helicopter
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Season 1: Joshua

Will fear hold him back — or will Josh begin his dream of becoming a highly skilled mechanic in the Army?

The Military Occupational Specialty, or as we like to call it, the MOS 63 Bravo, is known as the wheeled vehicle mechanic. An army may march on its stomach, but its mission success depends on its equipment. And we’ve got the coolest toys in the world.
Today we meet Joshua.
My name is Joshua Johnson. I’m 18 years old. I’m currently enrolled at Campbell-Tinta High School, Minnesota. I have no idea what is going to be happening over the next few days. All I know is that it’s going to be an adventure.
We’ve brought Josh to beautiful Fort Carson, Colorado to school him on what it’s like to be an Army Light Mechanic. Now, there’s way more to it than turning a wrench. For starters, all 63 Bravo specialists have to be Soldiers first.
Alright Josh, this is Sergeant Puls and he is going to be your instructor. Now, he is the man. He started as a 63 Bravo, now he’s a 63 X-ray, and if he can’t fix it, it can’t be done. Isn’t that right, Sergeant Puls?
That’s a fact.
You like to play video games?
These are the biggest and baddest video games you’ll ever see.
I’m gonna put you up here and you’re gonna be the gunner for this exercise.
[laughs] Alright.
Alright, let’s roll.
Don’t let them, don’t let them get you, you get them before they get you. Right there on your 11 o’clock. Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it. Good shot. Straight ahead, straight ahead, 12 o’clock, 12 o’clock. Good shot, good shot. [inaudible] 12 o’clock, 12 o’clock. Get that red truck. Get the red truck. Alright, you got ’em, Josh. Good job. Keep shooting. Good job.
The best video game I’ve ever played. [laughs] Nothing compares to that.
Enough with the video games, it’s time to get Josh’s hands dirty in the motor pool.
Have you ever been deployed?
Yeah, I actually just got back about 7 months ago. I spent, uh, I did a 15-month tour.
What was the biggest thing for you to overcome?
First time ever, like, being away from home for so long. Not seeing family.
Missing home is a concern every soldier has to face. This is where your battle buddies come in.
The purpose of a battle buddy is to make sure that you’re all safe, you all take care of each other.
Being a battle buddy is like a second family because you know, you rely on that person. In some cases, more than your own family. You have each other’s backs no matter what, you’re always there for each other, no matter what the need is, you know that those people are the people you can count on.
The team is being called to extract a damaged vehicle from a possible hot zone in a simulated Afghan village. Sometimes seemingly simple missions can quickly turn dangerous.
Incoming! Incoming! Here we go!
Alright, alright.
Done, up there on that vehicle!
Get over there, right there!
Martinez, cover right over there!
Did I scare him? I hope not too bad. He was acting like he was wanting to run a little bit.
My instinct was telling me to run away.
Will Josh run, or tough it out with the help of his battle buddies?
I had no idea I signed up for anything like this.
Will Josh let his battle buddies become his Army family, or return home with his grandma? Before Josh makes his decision, we’ve got one more surprise in store for him.
Now it’s time to meet a civilian who’s used his Army training to build a solid and profitable career.
Shane Boyington started his career as a mechanic in the Army. Shane now works for the Fram Air Filter Top Fuel dragster team.
This is our Top Fuel car. 500 cubic engines, 8,000 horsepower, zero to 300 miles a day in 3.8 seconds. Everything you learn, just, not even just the mechanical part, but everything you learn in the military is good. The only reason I got out is because I can’t do this.
It’s race time, and Josh has front row seats to see Shane’s work undone by an 8,000 horsepower monster motor.
Josh has had the chance to learn from a former Army mechanic working at the highest level.
What would you say is the best part about your job?
I’d say the best part of my job right now… I’m getting paid to go to the races.
Shane’s team moves on to the elimination rounds, while Josh prepares to make the biggest decision of his young life. Will he join the Army, or remain a civilian?
To learn more, visit forward slash Starting Strong.
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