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Inside the band

Soldiers talk about being an Army Band member.

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  • SGT Katherine Butterfield

    Katherine talks about the importance of keeping the lines of communication open ...

    CATEGORY: Career & Jobs

    TAGS: Signal Support Systems Radio Mechanic

    SGT Katherine Butterfield
  • SGT Holly Princevalle

    Holly talks about why she chose to join the Army and how it affected her parents...

    CATEGORY: Soldier Life

    TAGS: Basic Training Vehicle Mechanic

    SGT Holly Princevalle
  • Private Mark Spanier

    Private Mark Spanier answers Jeremy from Mechanicsville, Virginia who asks; "Wha...

    Private Mark Spanier
    Private Mark Spanier
  • Episode 5:

    A Bradley Fighting Vehicle goes pretty fast. Maybe not quite as fast as a dragst...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: 91M Armored Vehicles

    Episode 5:
  • Bradley Tank Maintainer / NHRA Dragster Crew Chief

    Go under the hoods with mechanics of a Bradley Fighting System and an NHRA drag...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: 91M Armored Vehicles

    Bradley Tank Maintainer / NHRA Dragster Crew Chief
  • Season 1: Joshua

    Will fear hold him back — or will Josh begin his dream of becoming a highly skil...

    Season 1: Joshua
  • Apache Helicopter

    The soldiers responsible for the mechanics of Army aircrafts play an important r...

    Apache Helicopter
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Inside the band

Soldiers talk about being an Army Band member.

Stephens The best thing about being a bandsman I think; definitely would be able to pursue what we all love to do, it’s for most of us, it’s not it more than a job it’s just the way we live anyway. Being able to do that and also have to be your career and serve your country at the same time. It’s just an amazing opportunity that not many people live if most people at all get a chance to do anything like that in their life.
Edwards: I’m doing what I love, I’m able to support myself, able to support my family, it’s a great, it’s a great life style.
Jimenez: If I can make somebody’s day better then why not, that’s the big joy in it. If you can make a difference in somebody’s life just by what you think is every day common you know playing that’s the good thing have somebody just free up their troubles.
Edwards: Best part of my job is being on stage, seeing the fans screaming up getting into the music, and knowing that you’re, especially a Soldier knowing that you’re touching the Soldiers.
Jump: I think the best part of being an Army musician is being able to play in events for people all the time, isn’t that why we became musicians anyways. It’s not to sit in a closet to play my horn but to go out in front of thousands and thousand of people over time and show what you can do.
Emch: Initially I just got in the Army to pay off my student loans so I could have a fresh start when I got out. I was willing to give up 3-years of my time to get myself out of debt and see where I wanted to go from there. But since I been in, I’ve actually really enjoyed it, it’s been a lot more fun then I thought I would be. I’m just playing everyday, I’m doing what I want to do; I’m getting well taken cared for it.
Weathington: The benefit of the Army fields are you get a steady pay check, you get to do music all the time, it’s your life you get to do it you get paid for it. You get introduced to all these different styles there’s many people that are strong points in different areas and just by being around them you pick up their style and you pick up their strengths as well. Traveling around, also it it’s just great you get to experience the world in the Army band field.
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