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Rapid Fielding Initiative

Learn about new equipment Soldiers' are receiving to take to the battlefield.

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  • Rapid Fielding Initiative

    Learn about new equipment Soldiers' are receiving to take to the battlefield.

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Rapid Fielding Initiative

Learn about new equipment Soldiers' are receiving to take to the battlefield.

Col Mark Conley: This is RFI lean fielding at Fort Drum, New York. We're fielding the 10th Aviation Combat Aviation Brigade.
1SGT James Varvais: This is the initial issue for our deployment. We're getting new equipment for deployment into the Theatre of operations overseas and getting all the equipment we need, basically.
Col Mark Conley: RFI Chief of Staff initiative started back in 2002 when Soldiers were and Units were buying things either out of their pockets or unit funds to improve their combat capability. Primarily starting in Afghanistan with about 15 items, since then it's grown over the last seven to eight years to 85-items this year.
SFC Philip Post: I mean we're talking 20-years ago this process never existed in this manner. What I'm seeing now, is nothing next to amazing. It's kudos to PEO Soldier.
1SGT James Varvais: RFI has come a long way, it really has, it's definitely gotten better.
SPC Steven Lukas: It's a lot faster. It's more organized. Before it was just like a group of people going 'hey, ok well, I think you're going to get this, and well this is what we got, so this is what you're going to get,' which is three different total things. And here it like 'all right this is what you're getting, here's your size, your good.
Col Mark Conley: The lean fielding was something we can do very quickly, make a positive impact, have positive cost avoidance that can lead to cost savings in the near term. Through cost avoidance, order less inventory, ship less things to a fielding site and therefore drag less things back from a fielding site. So there will be cost savings throughout for the Army.
Col Mark Conley: It will allow us to buy more of something else that's required if we're fielding less of the RFI. It will rollover directly into increasing some other area that the Soldier needs improvement on. It is the best equipment to get you ready to go at the time you going to deploy.
Maj TJ Wright: You got the most professional, I think, Soldier in the history of our Nation. They're dependable, they're smart, they're loyal, they're no nonsense, they get the job done, they don't complain and they're constantly providing us, PEO Soldier, great insight. The project managers are developing equipment, testing and procuring equipment based off of Soldiers; they really define what quality is. I mean it's a great population to do lean fielding in. You know, they are the honor system.
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