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Clothing & Individual Equipment

Soldiers optimize their readiness by using the most versatile, functional and modern equipment available.

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  • U.S. Army STEM Experience

    Rise to the challenge in this fast-moving scenario where your knowledge and prob...

    CATEGORY: Events

    TAGS: Technology Recruiter Military Gear

    U.S. Army STEM Experience
  • Red Phase 1

    Recruits are welcomed in Reception and get geared up for training.

    CATEGORY: Soldier Life

    TAGS: Basic Training training

    Red Phase 1
  • Clothing & Individual Equipment

    Soldiers optimize their readiness by using the most versatile, functional and mo...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Equipment Body Armor

    Clothing & Individual Equipment
  • Combat Vehicle Crewmen Body Armor

    See how Soldiers' combat vehicle crewmen's body armor is demonstrated, to protec...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Fort Knox Gear

    Combat Vehicle Crewmen Body Armor
  • Rapid Fielding Initiative

    Learn about new equipment Soldiers' are receiving to take to the battlefield.

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: RFI Gear

    Rapid Fielding Initiative
  • Soldier Weapons

    See how Soldiers' weapons give them the ability to overmatch the enemy on the ba...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Army Weapons Gear

    Soldier Weapons
  • Personnel Parachute System

    Learn about the New Mass Tactical Canopy T-11 Personnel Parachute System.

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Parachute Jump T-11 Parachute

    Personnel Parachute System
  • Well Equipped

    See how these Soldiers rely on state-of-the-art equipment to complete their miss...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Equipment Technology

    Well Equipped
  • Private Michael Lyons

    Private Michael Lyons answers Alan from Whittier, California who asks; "How much...

    Private Michael Lyons

    Private Kevin Kelley answers Shawn from Franktown, Colorado who asks; "On a scal...

  • 2010 - EPISODE 4:

    Soldiers perform an aerial jump from 1,500 feet, attempting to land in a target ...

    2010 - EPISODE 4:
  • SPC Clayton Henderson

    Specialist Clayton Henderson from Pacific, Missouri answers Wilford from Louisia...

    CATEGORY: Soldier Life

    TAGS: Soldier Life training

    SPC Clayton Henderson
  • U.S. Army Barracks

    One soldier gives a tour of the living quarters: kitchen, bedroom, laundry room,...

    CATEGORY: Family

    TAGS: Military Gear Army Life

    U.S. Army Barracks
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Clothing & Individual Equipment

Soldiers optimize their readiness by using the most versatile, functional and modern equipment available.

Our mission is simple, to optimize Soldier readiness by providing the most versatile, functional, and modern equipment Army wide.
Modular Entry Toolkit, Door Ram, Tactical Assault Ladder, Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, Hydration System, Improved First Aid Kit, Advanced Tactical Parachute System, Parachutists Drop Bag, Self - Contained Toxic Environment Protective Outfit, Improved Toxicological Agents Protective Ensemble, Army Combat Boot
The mission of Soldier survivability is critical. The number one mission for Soldier survivability is to meet the needs of the customer and that is the war fight. We always hear good things from Soldiers when we're able to provide them with the capability. That helps them and assists them with doing their job on the battlefield. We always get positive feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the body armor and any protective gear for our Soldiers.
We were out on patrol securing a site that we found a cache the night prior and a shot rang and I got hit in the chest...Body armor works. I got shot and this body armor right here saved my life. Anytime we as Soldiers can have that type of protective gear on when we're fighting the enemy, just help us be a more confident Soldier. Every RFI seems to have another more effective way to add protection. Either adding layers of protection or taking away the weight which will give the Soldier more mobility on the battlefield. Level of comfort is way beyond the old armor system. It's much better.
Some Soldiers that had just came back from the Iraq war and we got feedback from them on the improvement that we can make and we took those and developed the new and improved out tactical vest based on their feedback.
There are quite a few differences between the IBA and the IOTV. One of the most significant differences between these two body armors is how it is worn. The IBA is worn like a vest. IOTV body armor come's down over shoulder which distributes the weight of the entire system much more evenly across the Soldier's body.
We have also made it lighter. Approximately three pounds we were able to take off the vest. It's got the same level of protection that IBA has, but IOTV fits better. If a Soldier needs to remove his body armor for what ever reason, he has a quick release cord that he just pulls on that cord and the body armor just falls away. Every Soldier in theater is wearing the new Advanced Combat Helmet.
Advanced Combat Helmet We are doing everything possible that all our Soldiers are getting the best equipment that is available. We are proud, I am proud of making them the best Soldier - getting them the best equipment so they can do their jobs.
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