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Well Equipped

See how these Soldiers rely on state-of-the-art equipment to complete their missions safely and efficiently.

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  • U.S. Army STEM Experience

    Rise to the challenge in this fast-moving scenario where your knowledge and prob...

    CATEGORY: Events

    TAGS: Technology Recruiter Military Gear

    U.S. Army STEM Experience
  • Red Phase 1

    Recruits are welcomed in Reception and get geared up for training.

    CATEGORY: Soldier Life

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    Red Phase 1
  • Clothing & Individual Equipment

    Soldiers optimize their readiness by using the most versatile, functional and mo...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

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    Clothing & Individual Equipment
  • Combat Vehicle Crewmen Body Armor

    See how Soldiers' combat vehicle crewmen's body armor is demonstrated, to protec...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

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    Combat Vehicle Crewmen Body Armor
  • Rapid Fielding Initiative

    Learn about new equipment Soldiers' are receiving to take to the battlefield.

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: RFI Gear

    Rapid Fielding Initiative
  • Soldier Weapons

    See how Soldiers' weapons give them the ability to overmatch the enemy on the ba...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Army Weapons Gear

    Soldier Weapons
  • Personnel Parachute System

    Learn about the New Mass Tactical Canopy T-11 Personnel Parachute System.

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Parachute Jump T-11 Parachute

    Personnel Parachute System
  • Well Equipped

    See how these Soldiers rely on state-of-the-art equipment to complete their miss...

    CATEGORY: Technology and Weapons

    TAGS: Equipment Technology

    Well Equipped
  • Private Michael Lyons

    Private Michael Lyons answers Alan from Whittier, California who asks; "How much...

    Private Michael Lyons

    Private Kevin Kelley answers Shawn from Franktown, Colorado who asks; "On a scal...

  • 2010 - EPISODE 4:

    Soldiers perform an aerial jump from 1,500 feet, attempting to land in a target ...

    2010 - EPISODE 4:
  • SPC Clayton Henderson

    Specialist Clayton Henderson from Pacific, Missouri answers Wilford from Louisia...

    CATEGORY: Soldier Life

    TAGS: Soldier Life training

    SPC Clayton Henderson
  • U.S. Army Barracks

    One soldier gives a tour of the living quarters: kitchen, bedroom, laundry room,...

    CATEGORY: Family

    TAGS: Military Gear Army Life

    U.S. Army Barracks
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Well Equipped

See how these Soldiers rely on state-of-the-art equipment to complete their missions safely and efficiently.

The Soldier is the fundamental building block of everything in the Army. The mission is a two fold mission. The increase of Soldiers' combat effectiveness. Save Soldiers' lives and increase the Soldier's quality of life.
The helmets are awesome. The helmet is a big improvement; it's lighter.
The body armor and the new advance combat helmet - it routinely stopped rounds. We had on several occasions, Soldiers pulling bullets from there helmets and body armor. Clearly saved their lives.
We rely on that stuff so much. Like different updates, different sites scopes - stuff like that. Saves our lives most of the time.
Soldiers' sensors and lasers enhances the Soldier's ability to see, to acquire and finally to target those entities.
It was easier to see through the smoke and actually identify targets You can see through smoke, fog, just about anything.
We treat the Soldier as a system.
By looking at the Soldiers as a system we ultimately become a combat multiplier. We do that by providing the Soldier more comfort, enhanced performance, greater survivability and then, ultimately, greater lethality.
There is interface control between all the pieces of equipment so they all work together as whole. I don't think we could have accomplished everything we have with out the equipment that we have.
The stuff we use now and some of the stuff that is coming out, is the equipment we need to complete a mission. If we were to go out there with out some of this stuff we would not be able to complete our mission. Period.
We're modernizing at mach speed. Once we feel a piece of equipment we don't rest on our laurels all. We know that either now or the very near horizon there will be something better. And we get out and chase that next best thing and we go out and get it.
We have two new parachutes - the advance active parachute system, the maneuverable canopy six, it has a lower rate of descent. Approximately 19ft per second, and it will ultimately result in fewer injuries.
The land warrior, north of Bagdad - it's a paradigm leader shifting capability.
It's a leader tool, that provides unparallel situational awareness. Which provides me with better ability to command and control the movement of the unit and also to prevent fratricide and also determine what amount of force I want to bring to bear on no unsuspected enemy location at any given time.
You got to have that crucial weapon to suppress the target. Defeat the target and allowing the individual Soldier to maneuver. To make sure that every Soldier gets the state of the art equipment prior to going into a war fight. It is just a great way of taking current technology and get it to the Soldier - right now. RFI is fielding 20,000 Soldiers per month. It's an incredible operation that they're doing.
It provides lethality, survivability, mobility, equipment and the Soldiers really love it. They love the gear and they trust it and they become accustom to having the very best. The best for the best. The best equipment for the best Soldiers in the world. Just phenomenal, phenomenal products. It's extremely personal to us. Extremely personal. I visualize my brothers that are out there fighting the war with that equipment. So it is extremely personal.
I can't tell you how many times I've been in a fire fight. Never received a purple heart, but it is because of the stuff we wear.
Today's Soldier is very well equiped. With the very best equipment we could have right now.
He was attacked while on patrol. He was shot and it hit his armor that was on his chest. Blew a huge hole in it.
It knocked me on my butt. I looked down at my chest, there was no blood oozing out. I looked down on the floor of the humvee and it was a tracer burning. I still have it. I was fine. So I got up and started shooting again.
We have the best young men and women the country has to offer today and they're smarter, they're tougher, they're more capable and we owe it to them to make their job as easy as possible. It never ceases to amaze me, the phenomenal job that they are doing and dealing with. So it's our responsibility to give the best, the best equipment that we can get out there. And that is exactly what we are doing.
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