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Red Phase 1

Recruits are welcomed in Reception and get geared up for training.

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    U.S. Army STEM Experience
  • Red Phase 1

    Recruits are welcomed in Reception and get geared up for training.

    CATEGORY: Soldier Life

    TAGS: Basic Training Training

    Red Phase 1
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  • Soldier Weapons

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  • Private Michael Lyons

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    Private Michael Lyons

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  • 2010 - EPISODE 4:

    Soldiers perform an aerial jump from 1,500 feet, attempting to land in a target ...

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    2010 - EPISODE 4:
  • SPC Clayton Henderson

    Specialist Clayton Henderson from Pacific, Missouri answers Wilford from Louisia...

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    SPC Clayton Henderson
  • U.S. Army Barracks

    One soldier gives a tour of the living quarters: kitchen, bedroom, laundry room,...

    CATEGORY: Family

    TAGS: Military Gear Army Life

    U.S. Army Barracks
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Red Phase 1

Recruits are welcomed in Reception and get geared up for training.

In week 1, you basically start out with a whole bunch of people you probably wouldn't have met in your life - from New York City to California to Illinois.
Everybody comes from different backgrounds.
When we first get here, there's a week of reception. And reception isn't really basic training; it's just getting all the paperwork in order, getting your shots and all of that.
During Red phase we're under control of these Soldiers at all times. There is a drill sergeant right behind them at all times.
But once they grasp the concept that the Drill Sergeant is there for them. That we're there to help them out and see them graduate, and they feel that we really care about them, you start to see a change and you start to see them get more motivated because by that time we starting to do a lot ? fun events are going on they're working together as a team better.
Once you realize the only way you're going to get through is by working together, and the drill sergeants put that into you, things start going a lot smoother. That's probably the neatest part.
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