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The Army Experience

Soldier's talk about the Army experience.

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  • The Army Experience

    Soldier's talk about the Army experience.

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    The Army Experience
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The Army Experience

Soldier's talk about the Army experience.

A lot of misconceptions I had about the Army are what you see in Hollywood.
Talk to me or any other recruiter and we're here to help you accomplish your goals.
I became a 31 Uniform because I thought it could give me the best skills.
The training that they give us here becomes instinctive, and everything just becomes an easy flow.
Leaders are made here. We teach them how to lead Soldiers.
When you've been through the training that we go through, there's nothing that you can't do.
You're not only doing this for a grade, but you're also doing in front of your peers.
For me, the Army's a part of me, but it doesn't overtake me. I'm still a woman; I'm still an individual.
It varies from person to person on what they do with their free time. I like to travel, experience the culture.
I want to get my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.
After graduation and after Airbourne School, I start Ranger Indoctrination Program.
Because I know Korean, doors open. You start to look at jobs you didn't even know you could have.
In the Army, that motivation takes you a long way. It takes you to the next school. That motivation takes you to the next rank. It takes you where you want to go.
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