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U.S. Army Racing NHRA driver Tony Schumacher


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Ok we're here with U.S. Army Top Fuel Driver Tony Schumacher at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California for the FRAM Autolite Nationals. And Tony this the third race of the three race western swing, tell us a little bit about the first two races and how it went for you.

Tony: All right we got beat at the first race in the second round by seven thousandth of a second and the race in Seattle last weekend was fantastic. We qualified eighth, we were the first pair out and we outrun the Bud car beat him and we had to run Dixon who was my old team we beat them which was a huge round third round we went out even though we spun the tires we capitalized on it and we got those 20 points in the final round lost by eight thousandth of a second but I think that's the fans that are watching that ought to tell you how awesome this season is this year. To be able to have two races back to back and whether you win or lose to have then eight thousandth of a second apart or less we're talking less than an inch or two, two cars making eight thousand horsepower you can win or lose by inches its simply amazing. We're a brand new team we have everybody on that team is brand new never worked on my car with me so to have a team come forward like that to win three races to be on four finals to be second on the points and the mist of just an incredible battle for championship its awesome.

Announcer: Now you had a brief stop in Los Angeles between the Denver and Seattle race when you went to the Espy awards, tell us how that experience was?

Tony: A lot of fun you know, just to be nominated for an Espy to have your name listed amongst some of the best athletes in all different sports. You know, I feel blessed that I'm a part of that. Its just, the third year straight that we've been nominated and it's tough one to win because it's a fan based and NASCAR is such a big sport but they won't share the number but I'm guessing we're one or two votes off of winning, I just kidding. But it was a good time. Jimmy Johnson won it and to be named with these guys that have won championships and all the different classes is awesome.

Announcer: Now you, I'm sure you're gonna, you want to win ever race but this weekend and you have a special guest General Bromberg will be out here and you typically have a lot of Army guests out here every race tell us how inspirational, motivational that could be for you.

Tony: It's the whole backbone of our team you know, you're as good as the people you surround yourself with and we've won in some amazing ways but really it comes down to just great people we're inspired by these Soldiers and it's great to win for them. We're not racing for a beer company, we're not racing for a tool company, we're racing for freedom a way of life with great Soldiers out there and their families, we always got to remember when I talk about Soldiers their families are at home worried about them day in and day out and it's great to bring them a little comfort to be able to drive the Army car and give them a winning team, just remind them of what we're all about; winning.

Announcer: How about a message for our brave men and women out there in closing this video blog for GoArmy.com.

Tony: You guys rule man, you're the reason that we're out here doing it and you're the reason we're allowed to race you know the free country because you guys are giving everything and I think the American public the civilians have a hard time grasping how much you guys give but thank you and we look forward to meeting each one of you at some point in our career.

Announcer: Well that will do it from the Infineon Raceway; we'll see you back in again very soon.