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NHRA 4-Wide Nationals
Mar 27 - 29
Charlotte, NC



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Moderator: We're here with Tony Schumacher at the zMax Dragway in Charlotte, NC, the Carolina Nationals. Tony, tell us how your U.S. Army Top Fuel team is approaching this first race in the countdown to 1?

Tony Schumacher: I think aggressively would be an understatement, because we just came off a win at Indy, we have a great car, and we learned a lot there actually...we learned a great deal from the early runs on race day. To be able to get strong, we got beat in some very close races this year, but to get it figured out and turned around at the right time is always key. We do a lot of testing for this moment, this is a huge moment. And when it comes down to big races we prepare for them, we test for them, and we get ready for them. At Indy I said, "we're done playing." We figured it out, we got it, and all that testing is pushed aside and let's go out and win and that's what we did. And I think we're getting the right handle on it at the right time. We got not only my car, not only the U.S. Army car is going fast, but Cory Mac's Fram car/team car is doing an outstanding job. We're working so well together. I think we're going to gain off each other's car, we'll learn from watching the car run before us like we did today and we'll be good. I wouldn't want to race the Army car on any given day. We're a great team/best team I've ever seen and it's probably the driver.

Moderator: Now you're the defending champion of the Carolina Nationals and that was a major step in the right direction last year when you won this event in winning your 5th consecutive World Championship. I would imaging getting off on the right foot this weekend is extremely important.

Tony Schumacher: Well no question about it. We won last year. It was our 53rd win, which broke the record for Top Fuel being the winningest, I like to say winningest team ever. You know its winningest driver, but really its about team and obviously we all know that. Getting back to the place where you're undefeated, there's only been 1 race here and we've won it, that's key. So, we come to a track where we're good at. We've got guys who are more determined and digging deeper than anything I've ever seen before. We've been through a lot of adversity with my crew chief last year who we won 5 championships with leaving. And here we are at crunch time, basically a huge, huge weight of the world moment and we're going to have to pull it off. That's what it's about. That's what you're counting on, that's what we've prepared for, and that's what we plan on giving you.

Moderator: As always we like to close these video blogs with a message to the troops, to the hard working Soldiers. Obviously, you're going to be shooting for another World Championship this year, can you win for them? Obviously that's the goal.

Tony Schumacher: No question. I think the Army has been apart of me now for 10 years. Some of the guys that are overseas, some of you guys who are watching right now are part of the reason I was involved with your enlistment and to watch you guys grow and see you come back from trips is simply amazing. To hear the stories of what you guys are accomplishing over there and the great things you're doing is really keeps me invovled because you know I don't sell beer and I don't sell tools, I sell a way of life and I ask people to put themselves in harms way to do a job and I have to believe in that. Man I believe 110% what we're doing. You guys are amazing. Americans are so behind you. It's a blessing to drive your car.

Moderator: Good luck this weekend. We'll come back again with another video blog in a couple weeks and hopefully we'll have a better idea of where you'll be standing and in serious contention for another World Championship.

Tony Schumacher: No question about it. Army Strong! We'll see you soon.