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Announcer: We're here at Brainerd International Raceway for the Lucas Oil Nationals, this is three more races to go for the count down to one. Tell us what your goals and objectives are as you get ready for the post-season playoffs.

Tony: Well I think when you get down to the last couple of races you spend as much time as possible testing, getting ready so that we can turn over the countdown, down to seven races. Whether it's the chassis, the engine or the clutch, we have basically the car, the parts and pieces; we're going to carry out to the last seven races.

We don't want to switch, we don't want to run out of clutch discs, we don't want to run out of tires, we want to have want ever we going to use. So we'll test the next three weeks, cause we want to win the races, we want to get it to work effectively together and we've been testing for the last couple of races, but right now it's very important to get it figured out.

We also want to win, we don't want to sound like we're trying to lose any of the races, there's a few that really stand out, greatest races in Indianapolis. We've won it seven times, we have a chance this year if we win it eight times. Big Daddy Don Garlin is the winningest Indy Driver ever; it's something to hope for. If we can't win a championship, it's the race you'd have to win. It's something very few people ever have a chance to win. We'd been fortunate to win a lot, so we're going to go forward. Brainerd is very hot, we're going to see heat in the next couple of races anyway, so we've got to get used to it.

Announcer: Now you talk about wanting to win the next three races despite the testing that you'll be doing. Obviously your goal is always is to win races for the Soldiers.

Tony: Well no doubt about it. I wear the United States Army Uniform and all the Soldiers overseas doing their job and give them hopefully a little bit of inspiration. We've set up the media and send them the links where they can download and watch the races. We're out there doing a great job for the U.S. Army. Just showing them support that's really what its all about. The fans out here are so amazing, they really want the Soldiers to know that that they love them and that their behind them and that's what we're trying to do to give them a little piece of America out on the race track.