Army Medical Corps

As a physician on the U.S. Army health care team, you can be eligible for up to $120,000 to pay down your medical school debt through the Active Duty Health Professional Loan Repayment Program

Army Medical Corps

As a health care professional with the U.S. Army Reserve, you’ll be exposed to new techniques, procedures and points of view. You’ll also gain knowledge and skills that you’ll be proud to take home to your own practice.

Army Medicine

Meet some of the dedicated military physicians and surgeons that are members of the Army health care team:

Pediatric & Radiology Residents Capt. Susan Mosier, Capt. Andrew Mosier

Pathologist (Army Reserve) – Lt. Col. John Hunnicutt

Family Physician – Maj. Jonathan Craig Taylor

Family Physician – Capt. Jocelyn Figueroa Blackwell

Preventive Medicine – Lt. Col. James Mancuso

Nuclear Medicine – Maj. Shane Anderson

Internal Medicine – Capt. Michael Rose

Anesthesiologists – Capt. Michelle Noye, Capt. Derick Munday

General Surgeons – Capt. Shimul Patel, Capt. Mark Hardin and Maj. Karen Callaghan

Obstestrician / Gynecologist – Ernesto Cardenas

My initial impression of the army probably was that it was more; it was more pushups in the morning, more sit-ups in the morning, more runs, and things of that nature. You do that, don’t get me wrong, you do that during basic training, but to be honest a physician in the army really is just that, I mean you are practicing medicine. It really is focused on patient care, you know, for our soldiers, our sailors, our airmen, our marines. It really is geared towards that than anything else.

So the lifestyle of the army as a physician has a lot of benefits to it, it doesn’t feel like you have your hands bound and tied the way that I can see, you know, my friends that are practicing in the civilian sector.

I can order the prescriptions that are right for my patients; I can order the right labs for my patients, the right imaging. I can consult the physicians that will help me provide better care for those patients and I can do that without, with basically minimal red tape.

So I really do believe that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, are marine, their dependents, spouses, really do get the best medical care. Everyone kind of shares a similar bond and that bond is just that, it’s helping the soldier.