Army Medical Corps

Whether you’ve just begun your undergraduate studies or have accepted a seat in medical school, you can take advantage of the programs the U.S. Army provides for students pursuing careers in health care.

Army Medicine

So, where can you serve? What is officer training like in your discipline? Where can your career take you? Download our FAQ and learn what you can expect as a member of the U.S. Army health care team:

Want to learn more? Your recruiter can provide answers to your specific questions and discuss your individual qualifications, interests and objectives. If you wish, he or she can arrange for you to speak with an Army health care professional in your discipline or visit a U.S. Army medical facility. Contact a recruiter.

Army Health Care General Surgeons


As a member of the Army health care team, you’ll enjoy the deep satisfaction of performing a vital service for your country. You’ll also enjoy many tangible benefits of your service, such as 30 days paid vacation, housing allowance, retirement plan and more.

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Army Nurse Corps


Officers on the U.S. Army health care team benefit from the service’s commitment to an excellent quality of life. From 30 days’ paid vacation to base recreational facilities, and more, the Army offers many benefits designed to improve your quality of life.

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Army General Dentist


As a member of the Army health care team, you enter as an officer. In the Army that’s a team leader. That allows you the freedom to manage highly qualified teams much sooner than you would in the civilian world.

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Army medical experts


Army medicine promotes a team environment where you’ll work with peers, not competitors. You’ll still be given the independence to run your own practice, but you’ll have the advantage of working with and consulting with other health care professionals.

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U.S. Army officer testing water


As a physician with the Army Reserve, you’ll be exposed to new techniques, procedures and points of view. You’ll also gain knowledge and skills that you’ll be proud to take home to your own practice.

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Army Medical Professionals


Read in-depth articles about Army Medical innovations and research, involvement in humanitarian efforts, education opportunities, as well as inspirational mainstream media stories about Army health care team officers. We encourage you to explore these articles and get a better understanding of the U.S. Army Medical Department.

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army medical hospitals


The Army health care team has built one of the best health care networks in the world. Our facilities are second to none. From our major medical centers to health care facilities, we’ll provide you with exceptional venues to practice your specialty.

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U.S. Army Health Care

I think the best thing about military life is that you really get to see different parts of the country and different cultures within the United States. I've met some really great people here. San Antonio is very welcoming.

Hi, I'm Laura Blair. I work at North Central Baptist Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a nurse, and my husband is James Blair.

We came to Fort Sam Houston and San Antonio in June of 2008. I work as a NICU nurse, taking care of critically ill infants. I shape the first year of their lives and work with their parents, helping them learn how to take care of them. My husband is very supportive, with him being in the medical field.

There are a lot of great benefits to James being in the military, doing his residency. There's a huge support system with everyone else who is going through it, because it's a little bit of a unique residency. I've met several spouses. They make a point to talk to you and find out who you are and what makes you different from someone else. They are so welcoming to you being in that community and that's just a different experience that I never had before becoming part of the military.

My husband and I really enjoy doing things together. We typically like to go for a jog together. We like to go to the movies. We love to go hiking outdoors. We just have so much fun together, the two of us.

We've been in San Antonio now for two and a half years and we've been able to accomplish so much here. Meeting different people. Seeing different parts of Texas. Being each other's support system and truly enjoying this unique experience.