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Hello my name is Sergeant First Class Freddy Guy and welcome to my home. This is my wife Pam.


This is our living room, the shelves, and we have guitars and a banjo, one day I'll learn how to play. This is, this is a fireplace it doesn't come with it we added that. The piano my wife loves, loves to play the piano.

And you walk in here, this is the kitchen and it comes with a refrigerator and a microwave, and a dishwasher and the great garbage disposal very handy.

And over here is the dining room area where we gather and eat. This is my hobby case, I have a hobby where I collect older G.I. Joe's and I also ah buy some motorcycle models and paint'em and build them.

This is my dads picture he was in the Korean War he was an E-2 at the time I think in 52' or 53' I'm not for sure if that was pre-war or after but anyway, and ah actually this is me 20 years ago in Germany and this is the Saber that I got when I was at 5/15th Cav for 2 years up there and very nice, all the guys pitch in and got that for me. My dad flag he passed away in 2004.

This is the boot sink, which is very handy to wash your boots. And this is my favorite the man cave. Ok, this is where I just come to relax, hang out.

We got a refrigerator, that's my man cave buddy, Charles. Um.

And the half bath which is quite convenient, nice, cozy, I love that picture.

This is actually a photo, oh well, it's a school project that my daughter did she's 12 now but she was 9 at the time it just looked so cool so we put it right there I just really love it.

This is my daughters room she really loves pigs this is her very own bathroom she has done all the decorations in it.

This is actually one of the bedrooms but because the size of the TV we turned it into like um kind of like a movie room TV room.

This is the master bedroom there's a walk in closet right here full of clothes and shoes a master bathroom I guess and my wife did all that decorating and um we thank you for coming and have a great day.